Tuesday, September 9, 2008

35 Aside

Irish Film Board: "35 Aside (1994)

Phillip is having a hard time in his new school. He is the only one left out of the football team, and he is also being bullied. As his father is in prison, it falls to his mother to sort out his nasty classmates, which she does with stunning aplomb."

Irish Film Board

Irish Film Board: "Alarm (2008)

Official Selection of Galway Film Fleadh 2008

This contemporary psychological thriller tells the story of Molly, grieving after her father's violent death but with hopes of a fresh start, who buys a house in a new out-of-town commuter estate. But the promised suburban idyll turns increasingly sinister as Molly becomes the victim of what appears to be a violent and personal vendetta. Her life is transformed into a tightening vice of fear as she's gripped by suspicion of everyone around her - her oldest friends, the local handymen and her new lover."